Angelmo, Puerto Montt.  Puerto Montt - CHILE
Angelmo, Puerto Montt.  Puerto Montt - CHILE
Angelmo, Puerto Montt.  Puerto Montt - CHILE

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Puerto Montt - Puerto Varas City Tour

We start from the respective hotels and in the first place we will get the highest point in order to have a panoramic view of Puerto Montt City, we also visit the German ...
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Angelmo. Puerto Montt - CHILE

Direccion: frente a la isla Tenglo, Puerto Montt

Angelmo is one of the most renowned markets of Chile, it is one of the most attractive and typical Cultural Patrimony of the South of Chile.

"Angel Mo" as the natives called him, by the name of his benefactor Ángel Montt, had in the 20s a thriving commercial activity that continues to this day.

The picturesque life of the cove became famous through the canvases of Arturo Pacheco Altamirano and the "School of Angelmó" who captured the idiosyncrasies of its people and their surroundings, captivating hundreds of tourists who came to know this magical place.

A very special attraction delivered to the cove the sailboats, which arrived in Angelmó until 1960. Currently, only for the Chiloe regatta that takes place at the end of February it is possible to go back to the past and enjoy its beauty.

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