Guide of Guatemala city, Guatemala

Information about Guatemala city

Guatemala is one of the 338 municipalities of the Republic of Guatemala and is the provincial capital of the department of Guatemala and also is the capital. It covers an area of 228 square kilometers. It has a city, seven villages and 20 hamlets

The municipality limits the north of Guatemala Chinautla north and San Pedro Ayampuc, south to Santa Catarina Pinula San José Pinula, Villa Canales, Villa Nueva and San Miguel Petapa, east and west Palencia Mixco, all municipalities in the department of Guatemala.

Its climate is temperate and its celebration is celebrated on August 15, when the Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Guatemala was founded on January 2, 1776, when it was called the Valley of the Hermitage or Virgin Valley

History of Guatemala city

Guatemala City, officially the New Guatemala of the Assumption, is the capital and seat of government powers of the Republic of Guatemala and seat of the Central American Parliament.

The city is located in south-central area of the country and has a lot of green areas. According to the last census carried out in the city, it is inhabited by 2,149,107 people, but considering its metropolitan area according to the National Institute of Statistics, reached an estimated 4,703,865 inhabitants by 2015, which makes agglomeration most populated urban and extensive Central America.

New Guatemala of the Assumption is the fourth settlement of the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. The reason for his transfer to the Valley of the Hermitage were the earthquakes of Santa Marta, which largely destroyed the city of Santiago de Guatemala, the former capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. The transfer order was given on 1 December 1775 and 2 January the following year was meeting for the first time in the council of the new city. A plate, which is opposite to the Parish of the Holy Cross, at the beginning of Milla and Vidaurre driveway so named after the writer and diplomat José Milla y Vidaurre, commemorates this fact. The name of the new city was decreed by the King of Spain on 23 January 1776.

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