National Palace of Culture

National Palace of Culture. Guatemala city - Guatemala

National Palace of Culture. Guatemala city - Guatemala

Direccion: 6A Calle, Ciudad de Guatemala

After three frustrated attempts in the construction of the National Palace and the last fire, the so-called "Cardboard Palace"; In January 1939, during the presidency of General Jorge Ubico, he was summoned to carry out a new construction that began that same year under the design of architect Rafael Pérez.

Its style is a mixture of colonial architecture with French and neoclassical influence. It covers an area of ??8,890 square meters and is made of reinforced concrete and brick, covered with green granite.

Its interior is adorned with the murals of the artist Alfredo Gálvez Suárez which show a historical overview of the country from colonial times to independence. The lamps carved in bronze were acquired with the Gruber house in the USA. and the locks and latches, also carved in bronze, were commissioned to the Yale house. In addition, the ceiling of the Banquet Hall is carved in gold. And the more than 40 stained glass windows were designed by maestro Julio Urruela Vásquez.

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