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Information about Valdivia

Valdivia Currently has more than 123,000 inhabitants.
The economy is based on industrial activities, crafts, forestry, shipbuilding and tourism.
Valdivia is why, you can call it an emerging city, where every year all the named above is increasing.

offer typical products, marzipan, chocolates, liqueurs and ceramics are another facet of the tourist attractions found in our city.
called "City of Rivers" and capital of the Region de Los Rios, the Spanish fortifications preserved from the time of the Conquest, as the towers and forts in Fog and Mancera, are trips that should not stop doing. Valdiviano Forest occurs in the viewpoints of the park Oncol. The Germanic culture and cuisine are seen in and around Valdivia.

By the rivers Valdivia Crosses and boats and ships traffic that cross the area of ecotourism guides, this tour will find them on the River section in Valdivia Tour. Some of the boats are walking, others have emerged as lodges sailors to practice fly fishing. On the coast there are networks of rural tourism in Corral, Caleta Chaihui­n and Curiñanco.
History of Valdivia

History of Valdivia

Under the command of Don Pedro de Valdivia, Juan Bautista Pastene discovers and takes possession of a port and the mouth of a river, which the Indians call a town called Ainil Ainilebo, 22 September 1544.
Later, on 12 February 1552, Pedro de Valdivia took possession of the city giving it its name.

King Charles V of Spain granted the coat of arms, by royal decree of March 18, 1554.

The destruction of the city, by the Indians in 1599 that Spain does not forget the region. But the stay of the Netherlands (commanded, first, Henry Brower, and then Elijah Herckmans) awakens to the Spanish of their lethargy.

They come back the territory six months after the Dutchmen have gone. The Dutchmen leave Valdivia on 28 October 1643. The city was refounded in 1645 as a fortified by order of the viceroy of Peru, Don Pedro de Toledo y Leiva.

Recommended Hotels in Valdivia

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