Guide of Puerto Varas, CHILE

Information about Puerto Varas

Located on the southern shore of Lake Llanquihue, near the current Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, Puerto Varas was founded in 1854 by German settlers.

Its German architecture attracted the attention of tourists since the early twentieth century; In these years, the first tourist agencies in the area were formed, due to the maritime routes that linked the Chilean Andean lakes with San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina; in routes used to this day as a tourist attraction.

Puerto Varas is a city without equal, where the mixture of cultures captivates with its patrimonial houses, churches, museums and parks; as well as in the accomplishment of diverse activities like the Oktoberfest, theatrical seasons and varied celebrations that make of this lacustrine port an unmissable in its visit to the south of Chile.

How to get to Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is located 20 kilometers north of Puerto Montt, in the Lake District, on the shores of Lake Llanquihue. The city of Puerto Varas is 1,016 kilometers from Santiago. To get to the city of Puerto Varas, there are many options:


Companies traveling directly to Puerto Varas
CRUZ DEL SUR - Phone: (65) 236969 - Web:
ETM- Phone: (65) 230830 - Web:
CONDOR BUS - Phone: (65) 233787 - Web:
TURBUS - Phone: (65) 236969 - Web: /indexCompra.jsf


For all flights to Puerto Varas, it should be Puerto Montt destination, where is the closest airport to the city of Puerto Varas


By land they are approximately 1,000 km from Santiago or 2,300 km from Punta Arenas. From Punta Arenas to the north the trip is made on the Argentine side and it is crossed to Chile by the Paso Monte Aymond near the Argentine city of Río Gallegos and 192 km from Punta Arenas. There are regular buses from Santiago every day, with a duration of 12 hours, usually the departure of the buses is at night to arrive early in the morning to Puerto Varas.

History of Puerto Varas

Between 1840 and 1850 various government actions begin to include the rest of Chile wilderness areas in the south.

In 1850 Bernardo Vicente Perez Rosales Philippi and explore the region in search of land near the sea to facilitate communication with the whole country. Discover the Great Lake Llanquihue, surrounded by impenetrable forest just 15 km of Reloncavi.

Perez Rosales down the plan of occupation by settlers who came from Germany with a port terminal in Melipulli, who later became Puerto Montt, a road connecting Lake, ports in the southern and northern mismo.A end of 1852 arrive primreos 212 German colonists, and in 1854 it founded the town of Puerto Varas known as the City of Roses.

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