Castillo Hill

Castillo Hill. Viña del Mar - CHILE

Direccion: Cerro Castillo, Valparaiso

Castle Hill is a hill surrounded by modern buildings and old mansions of the early nineteenth century, including the Presidential Palace in Chile.

If we walk along Avenida Valparaiso, in the background you can see the Cerro Castillo, which can be accessed by following the path until the end of this avenue. Continuing down the street until you reach the hill leading up to the Cerro Castillo, the hill called the "First Sister" during the colonial period, when he settled here Callao strong fortress castle-shaped, so that the plateau became popularly known as Castle Hill. At that time, the fort consisted of more than 25 thousand square meters and its owner, until May 3, 1887, was José Francisco Vergara, because after that date it was sold to the exchequer.

Cerro Castillo is small and residential, with beautiful mansions and large. You can reach Calle Vista Hermosa, here is a look that bears the same name of the street, where you can appreciate much of the city. In addition, there are two old buildings that can be seen from the bottom. One is the Brunet Castle, a work that is close to the medieval architecture in a style that recalls the gothic-romantic period in France. Since 1974 it was acquired by Carabineros de Chile and was renamed the Palace of Carabineros, for the institution of ceremonial palace and official residence of illustrious visitors. Their visits are permitted only after contact with the administration.

Moreover, we find the Presidential Palace, inaugurated in 1930 and built the residence rest of the presidents of the Republic. This work is superb and showy with a spectacular view towards the South Pacific. Opens its doors to be visited on the last Sunday of May, National Heritage Day.

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