National Reserve of Ulla Ulla

National Reserve of Ulla Ulla

Information about National Reserve of Ulla Ulla

Direccion: extremo oeste del Departamento de La Paz - See on the Map

The Ulla Ulla National Reserve was created in 1972 with an extension of 240,000 hectares, as a biosphere reserve located in the province of Franz Tamayo, in the Department of La Paz, in western Bolivia.

The park protects part of the humid ecoregion of the central Andean puna. It is also an Andean condor habitat (Vultur gryphus)

Flora and Fauna
Flora: The dominant vegetation in this area is the grass pasture
Fauna: various camelids, such as llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas.

How to get to Ulla Ulla National Reserve
The Ulla Ulla National Wildlife Reserve is located in the extreme west of the Department of La Paz, in the provinces of Bautista Saavedra and Franz Tamayo. It has an approximate area of 240,000 ha (2 400 km2). Geographically it is located between the coordinates 69 25 - 69 00 of west longitude and 14 40- 15 15 of south latitude.

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