Guide of Birds


  • Familia: Cathartidae
    Genero: Vultur
    Nombre Cientifico: gryphus

    Habitat: western flank of the Andes.

    Features: bird that is present in the national emblem, takes the updrafts to stay for hours on high altitudes. It may be in the hot desert air, sea in wet or rainy areas and forested south.

    This diurnal raptor catártidos belongs to the head and neck nude, blue-black plumage, white collar and back, small black tail and feet. It lives in the Andes and is the largest flying birds. It has a wingspan that reaches 3.5 meters; males heavier than females, weighing about 11.5 kg. Measure reaches almost 1 meter, comes to a mans waist. The difference between male and female is that the male has a carúpula (peak), and the female has red eyes

    Not hunter, and has strong claws that are needed to capture and kill. Unlike the eagle, you can not take an animal with its paws.

    The nest is located in inaccessible places: in a crevice or cave in the rocks and not spend time to its construction. The female usually lays a single egg white, about 10 cm. long. Incubation lasts about 55 days; the male and female take turns to warm the egg.
    The pigeons, at birth, are very weak and are covered by a whitish gray down. Parents feed him easily digestible food, softened and warmed in the crop. They remain more than a year in the nest. Breeding takes two years to reach full maturity.

    Few birds can match the impressive condor, who lives 70 years (if the man leaves him), displaying their beauty by the Andes.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Condor


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