National Reserve River of the Cypresses

National Reserve River of the Cypresses. Rancagua - CHILE

Direccion: Machali, Region del Libertador Gral. Bernardo O Higgins

The Río de Los Cipreses National Reserve was created on October 17, 1985 and covers an area of 36,882 ha.
It has an Environmental Education Center, whose main objective is to provide the visitor with a sample of the cultural and natural resources present in the reserve.

Flora and Fauna:
In the reserve you can find the vegetation formations of the region of the steppes and the forest region and the sclerophyllous scrub of the Andean foothills, among which stand out the peumo, coirón, chili pepper, white grass and cypress of the mountain range (Austrocedrus chilensis)
In terms of fauna, we can see guanacos, puma, culpeo fox, fox chilla, cururo

How to get to the Los Cipreses National Reserve:
From Rancagua, the road is 50 km, accessing the Carretera del Cobre to Coya, from Coya to Termas de Cauquenes (5 km by Acid Route), and from Cauquenes Hot Springs to the reserve (15 km mountain trail to the reserve) , with annual maintenance). The estimated travel time from Rancagua varies between 75 and 90 minutes.
From the Autopista del Maipo access by link El Olivar to the Acid Route, to the Cauquenes Hot Springs, and then follow the cordillerana route to the reserve.

Hiking trails:
- Tricahues, 250 m long, is enabled for people with disabilities, with texts in Braille, with descriptions of the different species of existing plants and the life history of the tricahue parrot.
- The Harps: 2 km;
- Ranchillo-Maitenes: 6 km;
- La Leona Bridge: 6 km;
- The Hacienda: 6 km.

The best time to visit is between September-December and mid-February-April due to good weather and few visitors. However, if what you want to see is an imposing snowy landscape, the best time is between June and July.

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