Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Information about Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

It lies almost entirely in the province of Llanquihue, Puerto Varas commune, except a small area that corresponds to the province of Osorno, Osorno commune, covers 231,000 hectares.

Access Routes

Park is accessed by the International Route 225 from Puerto Varas to Ensenada and Petrohué, with a distance of 64 km. until the last point, the road is 58 km. asphalt and gravel 6 in good condition. After crossing the Lake Todos Los Santos (20 nautical miles) to Peulla, continuing a 25-km gravel road. to the border with Argentina.

Tourist Information

Management area:

The Administrative Headquarters is located in Petrohué Park, where he completed the first leg of the International Route 225 that goes from Peulla at the eastern end of Lake Todos Los Santos. The area also lies Ranger Office Petrohué

Office rangers

In Peulla there is a permanent nursery linked with the place. Ensenada sector in a nursery is located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, next to the villa.

It also has two booths located in the access to the falls of Petrohué and Volcan Osorno. Ski Center The Bubble. There are also 2 control booths located in an area of Ensenada in the sector of the bite, 11 km. the intersection of roads in Puerto Klocker.

Recreational Trails:

Petrohué River Falls Trail:
It extends for 370 m. and can be walked in 10 minutes.

The Lover's Path:

It is located in River Falls Petrohué sector. Its length is 600 m. round trip and is traversed in 30 minutes.

Green Lake Trail

It is 180 meters and can be walked in 20 minutes.

Bridal Veil Path:

It is located in the area Peulla, is 400 m. and is traversed in 25 minutes.

Hiking trails

Step Path Desolation:

It is located on the eastern slopes of the Osorno volcano, has a length of 12 km. and runs in 5 or 6 hours (round trip). The trail reaches an altitude of approximately 1,100 m. msn and to appreciate Tronador panoramic views of the volcano and Lake Todos Los Santos.

Osorno Corner Path:

Located on the western shore of Lake Todos los Santos has an area of 5 km. We go along in 4 hours round trip. The path starts at Petrohué and borders the lake.

The Lonesome Trail:

It is located 6 km. Ensenada on the way to Osorno Volcano. Its length is 6 km. , And is traversed by two hours (one way), reaching up to 1 km. the falls of the river Petrohué.

Margarita Lake Trail

It is in the field of Puella and extends about 8 km. , Runs round trip in 8 hours. The trail is a hard trek which reaches the lagoon Margarita, surrounded by beautiful forests of Lenga.

Carilemu Path:

It is located in the Los Saltos del Ptrohué, has a length 980 m. fr and is traversed in 45 minutes.

Sendero Los Pilley

It lies in the education sector, has an area of 1,200 m. and is traversed in 45 minutes.

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