Guide of Fauna en CHILE

Quirquincho de la Puna

  • Familia: Dasypodidae
    Subfamilia: Euphractinae
    Genero: Euphractus
    Nombre Cientifico: nationi

    Local names: furry armadillo of the puna, furry of the altiplano, quirquincho de la puna or gualacate

    Distribution: In Chile we can find it in the regions: Tarapacá (I region) and Antofagasta (II region) above 3,000 m altitude.

    It is endemic to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Its body is usually yellowish gray, sometimes stained with slight reddish brown. It is found above 2,600 meters above sea level. Its carapace is flattened, with hairs implanted between the bands of this one; with large ears, nasal tube with small bony plates, forelimbs with large claws on its four fingers.

    It is a solitary, terrestrial mammal of many habitats of the Puna. It is omnivorous, feeding on a wide range of plant and animal matter. It is protected and lives in caves. Unlike most armadillo species, yellow is diurnal rather than nocturnal.

    Its carapace is flattened and with hairs that are implanted between the runs of this one. It has large ears, nasal trunks with small bony plates, hands with large claws on its four fingers. Its body is yellowish gray.
    The carapace of this Quirquincho is used in the making of charangos, it is in danger of extinction. Its natural habitat is located in the First and Second regions.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Quirquincho de la Puna


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