Guide of Fauna

Quirquincho Andino

  • Familia: Dasypodidae
    Genero: Chaetophractus
    Nombre Cientifico: vellerosus

    Local names: weeping piche, furry pichi, quirquincho chico, furry armadillo, Andean Quirquincho

    Size: head plus body 24 cm tail 11 cm. adult weight: around 1 kg.
    This armadillo is considered an omnivorous carnivore, consuming insects, tuberous plants, small rodents, lizards, fruits, vegetables and carrion.

    The Andean Quirquincho is found mainly in xerophilous environments, in lowlands and highlands, as well as in high grasslands with loose sandy soils, it has also been recorded in pastures and agricultural areas. In the province of Buenos Aires, this armadillo lives in sandy-calcareous soils and prefers grasslands with little vegetation and high vegetation cover

    Paises en donde vive la/el Quirquincho Andino