Guide of Fauna

Osos Pardo

  • Familia: Ursidae
    Subfamilia: Ursinae
    Genero: Ursus
    Nombre Cientifico: arctos

    The brown bear is a large animal with a large head and small ears that are just above his skull erect but rounded. His hair is short and sparse, but enough to serve as protection against weather adversities. Depending on the area where you live, the color of this can vary from light brown to black.

    The males of this subspecies normally reach a weight of around 450 kg (this without the additional weight they acquire during migration of the salmon, before hibernation), while the females usually weigh about 250 kg, being considerably smaller.

    The bears spend the winter in a state of hibernation, using most of the time in preparing for the winter lethargy, keeping in the adipose tissues 75 of the energy obtained from food. In the last meals before hibernation, it ingests herbs and earth next to the food so that it mixes with the saliva, forming a bolus of food that, when it reaches the large intestine, collapses the excretory orifice and prevents its exit.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Osos Pardo


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