Guide of Fauna

Oso Grizzly

  • Familia: Ursidae
    Genero: Ursus
    Nombre Cientifico: arctos

    The grizzly bear is one of the largest brown bear subspecies on the planet.
      It is a solitary animal, except during the salmon spawning season, when an enormous number of bears gather in streams and coastal areas to feed.

    The grizzly bear can reach weights of up to 550 kg, although certain specimens from the Alaskan peninsula have reached 680 kg.
    Grizzlies live in the northwestern United States and Canada, Kamchatka Peninsula (Siberia). The largest population lives in Alaska. In the past, the extension of its territory reached Mexico,

    The grizzly bear is omnivorous, they tend to feed on wild fruits, grasses, tree bark, nuts, coniferous pineapples, roots, tubers and other vegetables, as well as insects and worms. Vegetables make up 90 of a grizzly bears diet.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Oso Grizzly


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