Tiuque, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile.   -
Tiuque, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile.   -
Tiuque, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile.   -
Tiuque, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile.   -

Tiuque, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile

Familia: Falconidae
Genero: Milvago
Nombre Cientifico: chimango

The tiuque (Milvago chimango) belongs to the order of Falconiformes and family of falcons. The Mapuche called it Chiuku. It has a length of 40 cm. cinnamon brown above with whitish fringed feathers. Below paler and barreado tone reddish brown chest and creamy in subcaudal. Wings dark brown with typical sandy spot on the primary. Cola light brown with darker mottled white sandy base and terminal strip coffee. yellowish orange wax and blue beak. clear or yellowish gray legs.

Despite its appearance in flight reminiscent in some hawks, it is a mediocre hunter who is content with small prey (worms, rodents, larvae, insects and baby birds) when sniffs in urban garbage dumps in search of offal and all kinds of waste.
Very vociferous and aggressive, despite its smaller size, with harriers, nucos or varis, which expelled from its territory.

The juvenile is paler shades coffee and lacks the band at the end of the tail.
It nests between September and January with two broods a year. Its nest, very bulky, is built of twigs and dry sticks. It is deep cup, upholstery herbs, wool or rags and located in the tree canopy. Place 2 to 4 elliptical eggs creamy with large red spots. Dimensions: 45 x 35 mm.

Countries where lives Tiuque


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