Guide of Auckland, New Zealand

Information about Auckland

Auckland is a city in New Zealand located on the North Island.
Auckland has more than 1,200,000 inhabitants, more than a quarter of the countrys population, and with growth greater than that of the rest of the state. Although Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, Auckland is the most populous city and, in fact, the economic capital of the country. Auckland is in turn the capital of the homonymous region.

History of Auckland

The first settlements in the area date from the year 1350. Several towns were created mainly on top of volcanoes.
The M?ori population in that area was about 20,000 inhabitants before the arrival of the Europeans.

The subsequent introduction of firearms, which started on the North Island, sparked inter-tribal wars causing iwis, who, in the absence of weapons, sought refuge in areas less exposed to the coast. As a result, the region had a relatively low number of M?ori natives when European settlement began in New Zealand.

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