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Museums en Copiapo

Matta House of Brothers, Museums en Copiapo

Matta House of Brothers

Matta Brothers house in Copiapo, today is the Regional Museum of Copiapo was built in 1832


Information about Copiapo

Copiapo is approximately 100,000.

This city is capital of the Atacama region.

It is a city that its economy is based on mining and agribusiness.

It has great hotel and tourist capacity.

In Copiapo can see the first train that circle by Chile in 1851, and the third from South America.
History of Copiapo

History of Copiapo

On 8 December 1744, the mayor, Don Francisco Cortes and Roldan Cartavio founded the town of SAN FRANCISCO DE LA SELVA, Copiapo current, capital of the Atacama region.

On February 3, 1745 establishing the council of the city. The first mayor was Don Felipe Mercado.

On April 18, 1819 a devastating earthquake occurs in the city, causing major damage and deaths.

In 1832, the carrier and Juan Godoy prospector discovered the fabulous silver ore Chañarcillo kicking off an extraordinary boom, whose heritage are precious works of urban architecture and the first railway in South America between Copiapo and Caldera

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