Matta House of Brothers

Matta House of Brothers. Copiapo - CHILE

Direccion: Casilla 134, Copiapo
Phone: +56 52 221 2313

The house that today houses the Museo Regional de Copiapo was built in 1832 by Goyenechea Matta family whose four children were illustrious Copiapins that stood in fields as diverse as literature, mining, and politics. Francis, Philip, Manuel Antonio and William, were noted for their tenacious and active opposition to the government of President Manuel Montt. Manuel Antonio and William, particularly, have deployed successful political careers to wing radicalism, excelling both in Congress and in diplomacy. William was also a poet of great quality. Philip, who joined the hosts who in 1859 rebelled against centralism and authoritarianism of the government along with Pedro Leon Gallo, was also a successful businessman, mining and railways. The family actively participated in the Revolution of 1891, on the side of Congress.

Matta s house has withstood all the earthquakes that have affected the region of Copiapo, and currently stands as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The building, at 694 square meters, is built around a central courtyard which is overlooked by runners with wooden columns. The indoor enclosures are 4.75 meters tall. Its structure is of Oregon pine and oak. The walls were originally plastered with mud. The floor is Douglas fir sheathing and the roof of galvanized iron roof. The main facade of the house is symmetrical and their accessibility features four stone steps, two columns on each side and a triangular pediment on top, on either side of the facade has two windows arranged in vertical, high-rise. A wooden cornice surrounds the building. The house belonged to the Matta family until 1940.

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