Charm Valley

Charm Valley . Ovalle - CHILE


It is located 19 km. west of Ovalle. It is of great importance due to the petroglyphs, pictographs and stone cups that are on display here.

It is a vast amphitheater of 5 km. That was some time in religious sanctuary and, at present, has become an outdoor museum of cultural and scientific interest.

It has conducted archaeological excavations have shown that groups of hunters inhabited the area pos almost 4000 years. It was discovered in 1946 and declared a National Monument in 1973.

More than 30 petroglyphs are etched into the rock show with head masks, tiaras, along with snakes and fish shapes. The pictographs drawn in colors and rustic stone cups used for food preparation or painting are evidence.

The stone mortar or cups are presented in three varieties, with diameters between 10 to 15 cm. and 4 to 8 cm. deep.

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