Three Powers Square

Three Powers Square. Brasilia - BRAZIL

Direccion: Praaa dos Tres Poderes, Brasilia

The Square of the Three Powers is a work of Oscar Niemeyer, representing the three powers of the Republic: the Planalto Palace, the Federal Supreme Court and the National Congress.

The Three Powers Square, which is located at the eastern end of the Pilot Plan, is an open space that measures approximately 120 x 220 meters, so that the representative buildings of the powers do not stand out in front of the others, in which refers to the principle that powers are harmonic and independent and therefore have the same weight. It is not a traditional square, because it does not have trees or any other element that provides shade to the people who remain in it. Of vegetation, only the imperial palm trees that surround the great surface of the water at the height of the National Congress.
As the buildings around the square, in the north and south orientations, occupy reduced area in relation to the total area of ??the land, an impressive sculptural effect was obtained. During the night, the play of lights directed at the columns of the white palaces causes expressive effect, suggesting to be suspended in the air. In addition to the palaces, the Square of the Three Powers, includes sculptures The Warriors of Bruno Giorgi (better known as The Candangos), considered a symbol of Brasilia, and Justice, sculpture Alfredo Ceschiatti in front of the Federal Supreme Court.

In the square there are also monuments of renowned international artists, such as Os Candangos, by Bruno Giorgi; To Justiça, by Alfredo Ceschiatti, in front of the STF; O Pombal e a Pira da Pátria, by Niemeyer; and the Flagpole, which has the largest national flag waving permanently in the world

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