Cruz e Sousa Palace

Cruz e Sousa Palace

Information about Cruz e Sousa Palace

Direccion: R. Ten. Silveira, 60 - See on the Map
Phone: +55 48 3665-6363

The Cruz e Sousa Palace, is located in front of the Plaza 15 de Noviembre.
Its construction was carried out in the seventeenth century, in the government of Brigadier Jose da Silva Paes. Towards residence and place of work for the Governors of Santa Catarina.

This Government Palace was renamed some time later to become the current Cruz e Souza Palace in homage to the poet Cruz e Sousa, considered one of the greatest poetic expressions of Brazil.

In 2005, restorations were reinitiated in the decorative paints of the internal walls and plaster linings. At the entrance of the palace, the visitor can see three statues in marble: the main symbolizes the Brazilian federation, the others, Europe and Latin America.

Carrara marble stairs lead to the second floor and carry the clarity, balance and measure of classical antiquity. A tribute on the roof above the stairs is made to the oldest municipalities of Florianópolis, florons with the names of Palhoça, San José and Santo Amaro de la Empperatriz are there.

The will of each inhabitant who resided in the palace brought different styles to the residence, which gained skylight on the roof, plaster drawings in each room, marquetry with Azorean influence on the floors, each with specific symbolisms: in the music room , angels with scores and instruments. In the dining room, fruits and flowers. In the noble hall, weapons of the state.

In addition to bronze statues that allude to Freemasonry, agriculture and industry. The white color came out and the Pink Palace, as it is known, won the tone that prevailed until today. Thus, eclecticism is the best way to define architecture in the Historical Museum of Santa Catarina.

Currently, the old palace also houses the centenary Historical and Geographical Institute of Santa Catarina. In the Martín de Haro room, launches and exhibitions about art and history take place.