Schilling Neandro male high school

Schilling Neandro male high school

Information about Schilling Neandro male high school

Direccion: Argomedo 583, San Fernando - See on the Map
Phone: +56 72 583305

The secondary school male Neandro Schilling is located in the northwest side of the Plaza de Armas de San Fernando, being a landmark building within the city. In its 151 years of existence, has passed through their classrooms, many generations of students and teachers colchagüinos, having contributed greatly to the formation of the inhabitants of this area.

The secondary school male was created by supreme decree of February 26, 1846, under the government of Don Manuel Bulnes. The first rector of the Lyceum and who was responsible for running the new establishment was Don Toribio Sotomayor. Its first headquarters was in Talcahuano Street (now Spain) and consisted of three courtyards, around which were the classrooms and other units such as the remembered "room enclosures. Having held other two sites under the government of President José Manuel Balmaceda, was built two-story building we know today. At first he had four bodies that surrounded the first court, after successive improvements, including changes of coatings and coverings, opening of windows and windows, was completed in 1901. You could say that the building has a neoclassical clean on a continuous rhythm of windows, that on the first floor are arch and the second rectangular central access highlights marked by a triangular pediment, which reads high school and the word on which is an allegory to knowledge and learning. Gives access to the central courtyard, from which are classrooms and administrative offices. Its structure is of brick and Douglas Fir. The doors, lintels have in their wrought iron ornaments, being a work of great beauty. Although he needs a restoration, the structure is in good condition.

Within the history of the Lyceum, we must mention who took the Rector of the same for 46 years: Don Neandro Schilling. He had a particular importance as it gave great prestige to the institution, knowing handled with intelligence, deliberation, fairness and diligence. In fact it is in his honor on the 9th of August marks the day of the Lyceum, as it corresponds to the date you took office as Rector.

Finally it is noteworthy that in high school is still preserved materials delivered when it was opened, counting among others with microscopes, world maps and tools for laboratory equipment. those who today have an incalculable historical value.

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