Caves of the Walichu

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Punta Walichu and Glaciarium. , ARGENTINA

Punta Walichu And Glaciarium

It is a set of caves and eaves that I use the Neolithic man, in the I leave his tracks with paintings of more than 4,500 years of antiquity

Caves of the Walichu. El Calafate - ARGENTINA

Direccion: Santa Cruz, Argentina
Phone: +54 2902 49-7666

Las Cuevas del Walichu, 7 km from the center of El Calafate, shows the traces of the first men who walked these lands.

The Caves of the Walichu are important archaeological site where the first cave paintings of the province were found is just minutes from El Calafate.

The cave art of these caves manages to show us what conception of life these original peoples had and how they communicated with each other, as well as the legacy they wanted to leave for later generations.

The diverse paintings that are observed in the place have a great sharpness in their red, yellow, black, white and ocher colors. Among the main techniques are the dragging of fingers, the digit painting using fingers or flecks of hair and the blown with the mouth through the hollow guanaco bones. To develop these techniques, materials such as iron oxides and ferrite were used with guanaco fats, plant resin, gypsum, egg white and even human saliva.

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