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Information of Red Plate

The Red plate is a granite plate located on the north face of Cerro Catedral, in the Maipo box.
It is very popular with climbers, especially Red Plate, which has 2 routes of a not so high level but several lengths

The geomorphology of Cerro Catedral corresponds to the result of complex tectonic processes which, through successive deformations of the earths crust, have generated well-differentiated strata, called formations, which with their deposits of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks have shaped the current structure of the Cathedral (as well as the Cordillera de los Andes as a whole).

The geological structures or formations related to the geology of the Catedral hill date from the Upper Jurassic period and the beginning of the Cretaceous period and ordered in stratigraphic sequence and in chronological order are the following: Río Colina formation (160 million years), Río Damas formation (140 million years) and Lo Valdés training (130 million years).