San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama,  CHILE

2 Days to visit San Pedro de Atacama. San Pedro de Atacama, CHILE.

Assuming that you arrive in the city of Calama on a Friday night and return on a Sunday afternoon, we will try to inform you of the best alternatives.

For this case in which you only have 2 days to know San Pedro de Atacama, we will put ourselves in 2 situations:

1- He does not know San Pedro and all he wants is to know as much as possible.
For this alternative, our suggestion is that you take the most important tours and adjust them depending on the departure time of the excursions, also on our website, you can find combos or promotions where we put together several excursions.
The most important tours and excursions in San Pedro de Atacama, or rather the most visited attractions are:
Tatio Geyser
Valley of the moon
Altiplanic lagoons
Atacama Salt Flat

For example, for the previous case it is not possible to make all the excursions, since you would probably miss your return flight, but if we could suggest:
Day 1: Tour to the Tatio Geysers and Moon Valley Tour . And if you have more energy, we could recommend a Astronomical tour , however it should be noted that if I take the above alternatives woke up around 04:00 am, to take the tour to the Geysers
Day 2: Tour to the Altiplanic Lagoons or Salar de Atacama . If your return flight is after 20:30 PM, you could take The Red Stones tour , already that combines the previous 2.
The excursion combos that can be adapted to this scenario are:

2- He does not care so much about knowing, but if he wants to combine rest with knowing.
Under this scenario, we believe that the Tatio Geysers could not be visited, since the tour starts from 04:30 am and the rest in 2 days is also important, but do not be discouraged, there are other alternatives that are very attractive too .
So our recommendation for this case would be:
Day 1: Tour Piedras Rojas , in which we visit the Altiplanic Lagoons and the Great Salt Flat of Atacama and in the afternoon Moon Valley Tour
Day 2: you could tour the surroundings of San Pedro, rent bicycles or visit the Tour to Pucara de Quitor , which was a 12th century fortress. For this tour you can also go on your own by bike.