Rapa Nui National Park

Rapa Nui National Park

Information about Rapa Nui National Park

The National Park covers an area of 7130 hectares, located on Easter Island in the eastern end of Polynesia, South Pacific Ocean. Is 3,700 km. the coast of continental Chile and at 4200 km. Tahiti, French Polynesia s territory.

Access Routes
Access is primarily by air, flights performed exclusively on LAN Chile with two weekly frequencies, and that in periods of major tourist reaches 5,000

Access by sea is restricted to large vessels because there are no bays or harbors of importance (only a few small coves), so that the transfer is done from a distance by small boats.

Tourist Information
Management area:

The Provincial Office of the National Forest is in the field of Mataveri Otai, on the ascent of the volcano Rano Kau. The telephone number is 100,236 and 100,827 fax. In this area special use is located the National Park administration, the nursery and a sample of native species in ancestral agricultural enclosures, called Manavai.

Office rangers
Sector Orongo only place to cancel the National Park entrance and sells printed information. The other two nurseries are located in Rano Raraku and Anakena, respectively.

Picnic areas:
At Anakena, in the area of palm trees, and Rano raraku to one side of the nursery. There are tables, grills and restrooms.

Hiking trails
In Rano Raraku hiking trails exist than 1,000 m. Orongo about and an interpretive trail 100 m, both with stations marked and interpretive brochure.

Services outside the box:
First Aid: Hanga Roa Hospital has the infrastructure, equipment and trained personnel, the emergency phone is 100,215 and 100,217

Telephone Services:
Offices of Entel-Chile where there are booths and fax service. Calls outside the island are considered long distance and are exempt from paying only local calls.

National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) located on your street, or Makeka S / No. Phone: 1000255.

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