Rano Kau Volcano

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Trekking The Volcano Rano Kao

Half day to visit the volcano Rano Kao in Easter Island. Suitable for all audiences

Rano Kau Volcano. Isla de Pascua - CHILE

Direccion: Suroeste de Isla de Pascua

Rano Kau volcano, also known as Rano Kao, is the largest volcano on Easter Island, with its 324, invite tourists to an unparalleled view.

This volcano is one of the 3 volcanoes on Easter Island that formed this remote and mythical island.

The word Rano, in the Rapanui language, is used to designate the volcanoes inside which water is stored, as is the case with Rano Raraku or Rano Aroi. The word Kau has several meanings such as "abundance of water" and "large, broad". So the meaning of Rano Kau could be "large volcano or wide with a lot of water".

The lagoon that forms inside is one of the main sources of fresh water on the island.

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