The tour starts at your hotel at 09:00 - 09:15 am. Approximately on this excursion will take you to the south-east and north-east coast of the island to visit the temple Ahu Vaihu, located 10 km from Hanga Roa and composed of a well worked stone platform where you will find 8 Moais and 8 pukaos Scattered in the vicinity.
    Then pass through the Ahu Akahanga, here you will find 4 platforms, 12 Moai, 8 Pukaos and towards the interior of this Ahu one can appreciate one of the best preserved villages of the island.

    Following the crossing, you will arrive at the incredible Ahu Tongariki, which with its 15 moai is the largest on the island. Then we will find the big spherical stone that is identified as the navel of the world or as it is called by the people Rapa Nui, Te Pito or Te Henua.

    Then, arrive at Ahu Nau Nau on Anakena beach, where you will meet 5 Moais with their respective Pukao. The excursion continues until arriving at the volcano and quarry Rano Raraku, place where they were carved most of the moais of the island. It is possible to appreciate about 400 moais in several stages of carving.

    Finally you will go to the wonderful beach of Anakena, corresponds to the name of a small cave of an adjacent ravine.


    • Available in regular and private
    • Cost per person USD$ 35
    Box lunch for regular or private traditional tour full day excursions (content: choice: vegetarian or chicken or fish or meat with accompaniment, 1 mineral water or 1 drink, 1 seasonal fruit, 1 piece of bread), (Rano Raraku)
    • Departure days: Every day, Previous reservation

    • Start Time09:00
    • End Time16:00

    • Start location: The price includes the start in all hotels, apartments and lodgings of Easter Island. With the exception of hotels: Altiplanico, Cabañas Orito, Hare Noi and Hare Swiss. If you are in one of these hotels, check for additional value.

    • Languages: Español, Ingles,

    • Duration: FULL DAY

    • Cancellations and refunds: You have up to 2 business days to cancel your reservation
  • Included

    • Pick up and transfer back to hotel
    • Guide during the whole tour

    Not Included

    • tickets
    • Food and Drink
    • Optional Gratuities for driver and guide
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