Natural Monument Pichasca

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Natural Monument Pichasca. Ovalle - CHILE

Direccion: Rio Hurtado, Coquimbo
Phone: 56989230010

Pichasca Natural Monument is located in Region IV to 56 km. northeast of Ovalle, specifically the northeast on a hill that rises north of the Rio Hurtado. It is an important archaeological and paleontological, highlighting fossils and remains of plants, which was formerly the seat of the Incan people.

The petrified remains found in Pichasca correspond to parts of plants and animals. These are scattered because from the time were buried, 75 million years ago, there have been several phenomena such as earth movement, which generated the Andes, forming new layers of rock, volcanic eruptions and erosion , all of which scattered these remains.

The park has 128 acres and vegetation along the valley of the Rio Hurtado. Interesting is the wing rock called Stone House which offers a typical example of refuge prehistoric anthropological manifestations Pichasca around.

Access roads:

Pichasca Natural Monument is located in the municipality of Rio Hurtado, IV Region, at the top of the village of San Pedro Viejo, is accessed by the road Ovalle - Rio Hurtado, passing by the reservoir Recoleta, past the village of Samo Alto , and 2 kilometers before the village of Pichasca, take a road that crosses the river and arrive at San Pedro Viejo. You can also reach this path by Vicu?a, Rio Hurtado and Andacollo - Samo Alto.

The travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Ovalle 3 hours 30 minutes for Serena (travel time data are approximate, may vary depending on road conditions)

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