Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Cervidae
    Genero: Hippocamelus
    Nombre Cientifico: antisensis

    Local names: Taruca, taruka, Andean deer, or northern huemul

    Its common name comes from Quechua, Taruka: Deer and the Aymara, Taruka: small deer
    The Taruca is one of the three mammals belonging to the Cervidae family present in Chile, that is, a kind of deer or deer.

    Its size is less than that of its southern relative the Huemul, which measures between 90 and 100 cm in height and its antlers reach 50 cm. The Taruca, on the other hand, only measures between 80 and 90 cm in height and its antlers can reach 35 cm in length. It is pale brown.

    Pasta in family groups of up to fifteen individuals, led by a female. It is a diurnal animal, very timid and surly, who does not hesitate to flee before the human presence or any sign of danger. Live in the wild around 10 years old average age.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Taruca