Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Cervidae
    Subfamilia: Capreolinae
    Genero: Pudu
    Nombre Cientifico: Pudu puda

    The Pudu is the smallest deer that exists in the world, its size in height does not exceed 40 centimeters and its length does not exceed 75 to 90 centimeters.

    It is a very tender representative of the local fauna, although due to the national conditions of conservation of nature it is in a state of conservation that classifies it as vulnerable.

    The males present small antlers, that in period of growth are covered by skin, the ears are large and rounded, the hair is brown and long. The pups have white spots and the figure of these resembles that of the sympathetic deer Bambi.

    It is found in isolated populations from Curicó (VII Region) to the Biobío Region (VIII Region) and continuously from there to the XI or XII regions.

    Live naturally in native forests from sea level to 1,800 meters.

    It feeds on herbs, leaves and numerous vegetables. Live in small groups. The males are monogamous and when moving they do it with their females. It is possible to find solitary specimens.

    They usually have only one young.

    Its main enemies are the puma and the man. The latter has hunted and through the spread of diseases, parasites of their domestic animals and the destruction of their habitat has led to the populations of pudu have decreased dramatically.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Pudu