Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Camelidae
    Subfamilia: Lamini
    Genero: Lama
    Nombre Cientifico: guanicoe

    Guanaco is the common name of a ruminant mammal that lives in South America. It comes from Quechua wanaku.

    Unlike the related domestic species, the alpaca and the llama, the guanaco is a wild species. The vicuna, also related to the latter, is the other wild camelid species that lives in South America.
    These four species of camelids are called auquénidos in the southern Andes.

    The guanaco lives in the mountain ranges and highlands of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay. At present it is estimated that the wild population consists of about 600,000 individuals.

    An adult male measures between 90 cm and 1.3 m at the height of the cross, and his body is covered by a long, soft and fire-colored coat of hair, except in the belly, which is completely white. The head is small and has pointed ears; The neck is long and curved, and the legs are long and thin.

    The human being takes advantage of the guanaco wool and meat, as well as the excrements that are used as fuel. This animal has the habit of accumulating its excrements in the same places, forming characteristic rings.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Guanaco


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