Camello, dromedario

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Familia: Camelidae
Genero: Camelus
Nombre Cientifico: dromedarius

The dromedary or Arabian camel is a species of artiodactyl mammal of the Camelidae family. The fur is short and has only one hump.

Its anatomy shows all kinds of adaptations to life in the warm, sandy deserts where it lives: the knees and ankles have calluses that make them more resistant to the burning of the sand when they sit, their long and thin eyelashes keep their eyes safe from sand, and in the hump maintain a deposit of fat that can be nourished and even generate water if necessary. Their ability to resist dehydration has made them very valuable animals in the desert.
The dromedary can drink up to 150 liters of water in a very short time.

Countries where lives Camello, dromedario


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