Guide of Birds CHILE

Perdiz de puna

  • Familia: Tinamidae
    Genero: Tinamotis
    Nombre Cientifico: pentlandii

    Local names: Partridge, Kiula, Pisaca, Keu

    Habitat: Pastures and shrublands in the area of ??the puna over 3,500 m.s.n.m.
    Length: 41 - 43 cm.

    Head and necks with dark brown and whitish longitudinal bands. Back and coverts stained chiaroscuro in grayish tone on top; and light brown tone with yellowish transverse lines at the bottom, supracaudal and tail. Chest and upper abdomen light gray with yellowish bars; lower abdomen and chestnut subcaudals. Blackish wings and external beards with whitish bars. Brown beak Clear tarsi and blackish legs. Brown eyes.

    In the area of ??the northern puna, one of the largest partridges of the country lives, distinguishing itself by this fact with the naked eye. Like all South American partridges (or tinamúes), they have a plumage very mimicked with their environment, so it is difficult to distinguish them as long as they do not take flight.
    Known also by the name of Kiula in Arica, due to its cry similar to "kiula-kiula" repetitive as an echo. Keu a Tarapacá and Pisca in Antofagasta and Atacama.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Perdiz de puna