Guide of Birds

Perdiz chilena

  • Familia: Tinamidae
    Genero: Nothoprocta
    Nombre Cientifico: perdicaria

    Local names: Chilean Perdiz, Chilean inambú, yuto cordillerano, yuto

    The Chilean Partridge, like other species of this family, is vulgarly known as the partridge given its very superficial similarity to the European partridge.

    The Chilean partridge is about 30 cm long. Its upper parts are olive brown to grayish with dark bars and pale stripes; his throat is white, his chest is grayish with a whitish midline, and his belly is smoky. Its bill is brown and its legs are yellow to brown

    The Chilean partridge is found in valleys and bushes at altitudes from 400 to 2000 masl. It also inhabits wheat fields and arid forests, in association with trees such as hawthorn, Porlieria chilensis, and the Chilean palm tree.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Perdiz chilena

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