Guide of Birds

Pato jergón chico

  • Familia: Anatidae
    Genero: Anas
    Nombre Cientifico: flavirostris

    Sweet water. Sea level to mountains; in lakes, ponds, marshes, reservoirs, dams, river mouths.

    Length: 38-41 cms.
    Light brown head and neck with many fine black transverse lines. Mantle with black feathers riveteadas cinnamon. Riveteadas elongated black scapular cinnamon. Supracaudals, subcaudal and tail grayish brown. Chest coffee and dark brown oval paint, disappearing into the abdomen. Brown primary coverts and Cinderellas. Speculum black with cinnamon edge forward and backward white border. Superior pen green speculum metal edge. Yellow beak with black tip and center line. Yellowish legs.

    Small aquatic invertebrates, seeds, aquatic plants, fish eggs, larvae.

    August to January or February. In the south you can delay the start bit, starting from the end of October or November. Usually twice a year placed in nests that may be a simple depression in the ground hidden in the grass in cracks or trees, relatively far from water. Position 5-10 eggs; dimensions of 50 x 35 mms. app ..

    Perhaps the most common small duck in Chile. It is found from Coquimbo to the south, but in greater abundance from the Lake District to Aysen. In Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego is immigration because during the winter it moves away to the north, returning in mid-September or October.

    Sociable customs, will be seen in flocks of several units, including 20 or more, and relatively more gentle than other ducks, and can be observed more closely without being away immediately, as often it happens, for example, in Jergon large duck (Anas georgica).

    Possible confusion with big duck Jergon which is larger, longer neck and head disproportionately large brown clear from the body.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Pato jergón chico


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