Guide of Birds

Cisne Coscoroba

  • Familia: Anatidae
    Subfamilia: Anserinae
    Genero: Coscoroba
    Nombre Cientifico: coscoroba

    It is endemic to South America. Its distribution is similar to that of its relative the black swan neck, with somewhat less extensive boundaries. Inhabits central Chile (Chiloe) and central Argentina to Tierra del Fuego, it is possible that one reaches the islands south of the Beagle Channel. It is in Patagonia and southern Chile where it breeds. In this breeding season it is in the Falkland Islands where population increases until 1988 but are not reproduced.

    In winter part of the population migrates north of its range. In Chile they reach Santiago de Chile and east of the continent are concentrated between Buenos Aires, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul. We have seen some further north, reaching central Brazil. It is considered quite common.

    They have a length 90-115 cm.

    The male: have shanks of 89 mm, 480 mm wing average, 4.6 kg average weight ranging from 3.8 to 5.4 kg.
    Female: summit of 63-68 mm, tarsus from 92 to 94 mm, wing 427-458 mm, average weight of 3.8 kg ranging from 3.2 to 4.5 kg.
    Chicks: weight 110 grams day. Average between 99-119 grams.
    Eggs have a measurement of 89 X 61 mm, with averages of 82 to 94 from 53 to 67 mm, with an average weight of 170 grams and a range of 129-203 grams.
    Average longevity in captivity seven years, some have reached 20 years.
    No sexual dimorphism in the plumage is not completely white, primaries are black, the male is heavier, the peak is red, flattened or flattened more than other swans. Pink legs.

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