Ave del trópico de pico rojo

Rabijunco etéreo.   -
Rabijunco etéreo.   -
Rabijunco etéreo.   -
Rabijunco etéreo.   -

Rabijunco etéreo

Familia: Phaethontidae
Genero: Phaethon
Nombre Cientifico: aethereus

The adult has white plumage and a slender body, forty-eight centimeters long, not counting the central tail feathers, doubling its size. With open wings is one meter. Their wings have a blackish tone in the flight feathers, like the lines across his eyes. The bill is red.

Both sexes are similar, although usually the males have longer tails. The chicks have no black tail feathers have gray backs and yellow beak. The subspecies P. a. indicus is very similar but the black eye line is shorter and the beak is orange.

The ethereal rabijunco lives in tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean, eastern Pacific and Indian Ocean. The latter Ocean Race, P. a. indicus, was considered a different species called rabijunco small ethereal Pakistan and western India. It breeds on tropical islands; The female lays a single egg directly on the ground or on a solid ground on a cliff. Migrate to distant regions where no breeding seasons: there have been sightings of this species in Britain and more recently in Canada and Australia. It feeds on fish and squid, although not a strong swimmer.

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