Guide of Birds

Ave del trópico de cola roja

  • Familia: Phaethontidae
    Genero: Phaethon
    Nombre Cientifico: rubricauda

    Local names: Redstart phaeton, Redstart rabijunco, Red-tailed tropic bird

    Habitat: waters and tropical islands

    Length: 46 cms.
    Long including central feathers of the tail: 91 cms.
    Spread: 104 - 119 cms.
    White, sometimes with a slight pink tone. Black stain around the eye. White tail with long red central feathers. Black legs Red beak

    It reproduces in oceanic islands, small and remote, that offer an open level land; the nest in a crack in the rock that serves as protection; with little or no coating

    Paises en donde vive la/el Ave del trópico de cola roja


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