Guide of Porvenir, CHILE

Information about Porvenir

Porvenir is a city and commune in the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Chile.
Porvenir is a small town, with around 8,000 inhabitants in which the climate plays an important factor for the settlement, since in winter season, the average temperature is not greater than 3 degrees and in summer (December to February), the Average is around 10 degrees.

Porvenir, was founded in 1894 during the gold rush, was initially inhabited by European immigrants encouraged by the discovery of gold deposits, mainly Croats, and then by Chileans from Chiloé.

How to get to Porvenir
It can be reached in four ways:
Land route, along the Y-65 route, coming from the first narrow junction.
Vía Marítima (Ferry Crux Australis), coming from Punta Arenas.
Land route, on the Y-71 route, coming from the border crossing ?San Sebastián?
Airway (DAP Aerovías Airplane), coming from Punta Arenas.
Land route, on the Y-635 route, from the Baquedano Cordon.

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