Guide of Ancud, CHILE


Information about Ancud

Ancud is in the northwest corner of the Isla Grande de Chiloé, in the homonymous province belonging to the Los Lagos region, 90 km south of the city of Puerto Montt.
Its name means "land prepared to sow."

Ancud has approximately 25,000 inhabitants, the people who live in this pleasant city are good people, rich in traditions and culture.
History of Ancud

History of Ancud

The city of Ancud was founded on August 20 by Brigadier de1768 Spanish, captain of dragoons, Don Carlos Berenguer.

After the viceroy Jose Amat propose fortifying Chiloé and found a village to transform this point in the southern territories on a real wall ordinance adopted August 20, 1767; for that purpose Carlos de Berenguer was appointed governor of Chiloé, reaching the archipelago (Chacao) and 6 June 1768, to immediately begin planning the defense and foundation of the town.

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