Guide of San Antonio, CHILE

Information about San Antonio

San Antonio, is a port city where ships arrive and depart are its main economic activity.

San Antonio also is the supply center for the entire central coast, making it very commercial and economic, their seafood and fish restorant make her very attractive to tourists arriving in the summer, plus San Antonio has plenty of life night with its many cafes that surround the central plaza.

History of San Antonio

In 1853 during the war with Spain, the port of Valparaiso was blocked, and there was no option to San Antonio was the most viable alternative, becoming the main port. Thats where it starts to take great importance.

With the passage of time in 1911 the rail between San Antonio and Santiago, and starts the construction and improvement of the great port of San Antonio that opened in 1917.

Currently San Antonio suffered much from earthquakes and tremors, but despite this the city to face the known forces of nature.

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