Crane 82

Crane 82. San Antonio - CHILE

Direccion: San Antonio, Chile

The crane 82 is located at the end of the Paseo Bellamar in the port of San Antonio. Brought from France in 1911, its history is closely linked to the construction of this port, which took place between 1910 and 1915.

The works were carried out by the port company Augusto Galtier according to the engineer Brookman. The foundation stone was laid on May 5, 1912, with the assistance of the President, Don Ramón Barros Luco, State Ministers, MPs and senior staff of the then committee of ports. The first stone was laid by the crane 82 in what is now the southern coast of San Pedro Monument, in the inlet Pacheco Altamirano.

The steam crane built in Lyon (France) by the company A. Pinguely and brought by Galtier. Lift a weight of 22 tons per hour of work consumed 60 kilos of coal, arrives far unknown to consume today. Made of steel, over the years has suffered oxidation and wear, which has led her to lose weight, so we must monitor operates when you do not lose stability and fall into the sea. Originally, he used chains to move the boom and lift the load, which for safety were replaced by steel cables. Meanwhile, to move, he did on tracks with an autonomous motor, which operated two of the six wheels it has. Today is anchored to the ground. In 1967, the crane was the explosion of its boiler, and continued to operate until it was changed in 1990 by another of similar characteristics.

The name under which it is known from the inventory number assigned to the machine that was used in the port between 1912 and 1918. In a first period of operation the crane involved in the construction of the molo and entrenched Panula from Molo to door. In 1945, she was transferred to the Southern sector entrenched Bellamar Walk, being in a bad position for further work. In 1962 EMPORCHI the concession given to the Fishermens Cooperative San Antonio, then the entity that bought and used until now to download and hoisting fishing boats and schooners.

Throughout its life the crane was operated by only three people have, since 1945, by Don Apolinario Quiroz, who is currently the only one capable of running it.

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