Guide of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Information about Sao Paulo

São Paulo, also known as São Paulo or São Paulo, is the capital city of the state of São Paulo and the main city of the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, in Brazil.
It has about 12,200,000 inhabitants.

San Pablo is the main financial center of Brazil, San Pablo is one of the great centers of culture, entertainment, fashion and business worldwide.

History of Sao Paulo

The history of the city of San Pablo runs parallel to the history of Brazil over approximately 460 years of its existence, against more than five hundred years of the arrival of Europeans to the country. Although it has been marked by a relative inexpressiveness, whether from a political or economic point of view, during the first three centuries since its founding, San Pablo stands out at various times as the setting for several important moments of rupture in the history of the country. .

Saint Paul emerges as a Jesuit mission, bringing together in its first territories inhabitants of both European and indigenous origin. Over time, the town ended up distinguishing itself as a commercial and service center of relative regional importance. This characteristic of a commercial city and heterogeneous composition accompany it throughout its history.

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