Vicente Huidobro Museum

Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE
Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE
Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE
Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE
Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE
Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE
Vicente Huidobro Museum.  Cartagena - CHILE

Vicente Huidobro Museum. Cartagena - CHILE

Direccion: Camino a la tumba del Poeta SN, Cartagena
Phone: +56 035 244 0091

Vicente Huidobro, the poet who brought modern poetry to more avant-garde expressions, was a creator who not only developed works in poetry, but also, in the novel, the essay, the story, the manifesto, the dramaturgy, the film script , the edition of magazines and newspapers. In addition, of the hundreds of articles published in the national and international press.

The Vicente Huidobro House-Museum offers visitors a tour of the life and work of the writer, beginning with his childhood and family environment, and his first literary incursions in Chile. Then, he tackles his life in France and Spain, the experience of living the First World War in Paris, his participation in the Parisian avant-garde, in the creation of the avant-garde in the Spanish language; his evolution beyond cubism, his participation in the cinema, in the Spanish Civil War, in Chilean political life, in World War II, and concludes in the living room where Vicente Huidobro died and said his last words.

The major challenge of the creation of the Vicente Huidobro House-Museum was how to rescue aspects of its multiple facets as a creator: novelist, poet, playwright, politician, polemicist, theater and film critic, screenwriter, War correspondent, black art collector ... How to capture such a character, who seems to have tried everything?

Presenting him only as a man of letters would distort his vital involvement in other activities. To consider only their public positions would be to diminish their literary importance. For this reason, it was decided to prioritize the effectively determinant without separating man from his work, always relating artistic creation and life.

Museum collection
Vicente Huidobro Museum has most of the poets legacy, Considered as a unique heritage, of both national and international interest. The heritage collection is a source for knowledge and research of an important part of the twentieth century.

The cultural heritage is composed of:
Manuscripts and first editions of his work.
Documents, photographs, correspondence that illustrate the close working relationship and / or friendship with prominent artists and intellectuals of the time, such as Picasso, Gris, Bretón, Sonia and Albert Delaunay, Miró, Apollinaire, Paul Valery, Cesar Vallejo, Duchamp, De Chirico, Arp, Juan Larrea, Lipchiz, Radiguet, Papini, Diego Rivera, Alfonso Reyes, Pierre Reverdy, Erik Satié, Guillermo de Torre Tristan Tzara, Torres Garcia, Juan Emar, Jean Cocteau, Marinetti, Le Corbusier, Gerardo Diego, Francis Picabia, Alexaindre, Max Jacob, Paul Eluard, etc.
Documents that show the participation of the poet in the artistic creation, in the theoretical reflection of the historical vanguard, in the cinema and in politics.
Documents that illustrate his literary and political activity in Chile and about aspects of the First and Second World War and the Spanish Civil War and their participation.
Personal objects of the poet, among them the Telephone of Hitler, that Huidobro was brought of the war next to several helmets.

Winter time:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

Summer schedule:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 - 19:00

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