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Inca Lagoon

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Direccion: Portillo - See on the Map

Laguna del Inca is the name given to a lagoon located in the Andes mountain range in the Portillo area, located in the province of Los Andes, Valparaíso Region, in Chile.

The legend tells that it is the soul of the Inca Illi Yunqui that returns to wander over the lake tomb in which he buried his beloved, Princess Kora-llé, tragically fallen on a precipice during the feast of a nascu or royal hunt. The Inca whose pain shook the mountain, believed, with his soul of a poet that no human sarcophagus would be comparable to that grave. Wrapped in white linens, the graceful body was descending to the blue depth, before the pained imperial entourage; and since then the water has emanated with the emerald hue of the beautiful eyes that the son of the sun could never awaken.

How to get to Portillo and Laguna del Inca:
From Santiago, they are 70 kilometers by paved road to Los Andes. Shortly before reaching the city of Los Andes, you must take a bypass, which, after the Terrapuerto, ends at the international route to Mendoza, where you must take the right. From this point, they are 59 more kilometers until Portillo, located to 2,840 msnm, overcoming the Aconcagua river

Public transport:
You can reach the Hotel Portillo by taking any of the numerous buses that go to Mendoza. Among others, they are Ahumada, El Rapido, Cata, Tac, Tur Bus and Andesmar. Most of these buses depart from Los Heroes Terminal.

Tour for the Day:
Ruta Chile offers several excursions to Portillo and Laguna del Inca with daily departures, you can see the information by clicking here.

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