Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil

Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil

Information about Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil

Direccion: e/ Ago y Ballén, Chimborazo & Diez de Agosto, Guayaquil, Ecuador - See on the Map
Phone: +593 4-251-2865

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil is located in the heart of Guayaquil, in the Seminary Park, it was originally built in wood around 1547, in which at that time it was the main square of the city, and rebuilt in reinforced cement in the twentieth century , in neo-gothic style. It was the parent church since the mid-16th century.

The Cathedral stands at the site where the first parent church of the New City was. From the old wooden building, the bells were launched, announcing the Glorious Aurora, on October 9, 1820. It was elevated to the category of Cathedral, on September 14, 1838.

The neo-Gothic project corresponds to the authorship of the architect Paolo Russo, who developed it in 1924, for the General Construction Society. The author directed the first stage of construction until 1934. From 1941 until 1958, the construction of the church was in charge of the Spanish architect Juan Orús Madinyá (1892-1987), who designed the facade and carried out the interior work respecting the designs of the architect Russo. After 1958, the architectural direction was in charge of the Chilean architect Alamiro González.