San Mateo Cathedral

San Mateo Cathedral

Information about San Mateo Cathedral

Direccion: Av. Matta 662, Osorno - See on the Map
Phone: + 56 64 22 33 853

The Cathedral of San Mateo is a symbol of tenacity and perseverance. This is version number 5 of the Cathedral, since the previous versions were victims of indigenous attacks, fires and earthquakes.

The first church that rose in this place, was in 1577 and destroyed by the predominant indigenous people in the place during the Arauco War.
The new church, began to be built in 1962, after the famous and devastating earthquake of 1960 that forced the demolition of the ruins.

The current Cathedral is the work of architect León Prieto.

Within the Cathedral we can find among others the largest mosaic of Latin American, are 163 square meters that is completed with stained glass.

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