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City Tour for La Paz + Valle de La Luna

from US$ 65
A City Tour through La Paz, Bolivia, in which we will learn about culture and historical events. We will also visit the Valley of the Moon and we will make the ...

Duration: 4 hours
Languages: Español, Ingles, Portugues

City Tour Bolivia with a shoeshine guide.

from US$ 65
A unique city tour, guided by a "shoeshine boy", who is an authentic Bolivian and will show the city from a different point of view. The guide is trained.

Duration: Half day
Languages: Español,

Ruins of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku

from US$ 184
Puma Punku, which translates to the Puma Gate, is part of the ruins of Tihuanaco, which is known for its huge stones.

Duration: Full day
Languages: Español, Ingles, Portugues

Transfer La Paz Airport - Hotel or V.V

from US$ 32
El Alto airport is currently the highest international airport in the world with 4,080 m above sea level.

Start Time: You define schedule
Languages: Español, Ingles, Portugues