How to avoid being stamped at the airport?

How to avoid being stamped at the airport?

The techniques and ways of how people cheat tourists at the airport are many, even more so when the passengers have not hired the transfer in advance. That is why we will try to explain some of the ways we have detected in Chilean airports.

The call:

When the people who want to cheat, they see a tourist a bit clueless looking for a poster with his name since he has a contracted service, they ask him and they try to have access to the data of his supplier, offering themselves to call the supplier previously contracted . "Invent" or "do" as they call the responsible operator and finally give you the answer: They said that I will take them for $ XXX and that you have to collect money from your agency (previously contracted).
If the company that you contract is not at the airport or you do not find the sign with your name, you personally call from your cell phone or a public phone to the company responsible for making your transfer, that nobody calls you because you are at risk of being cheated ..

The Pirates

In Chilean airports it is forbidden to "shout" or offer transportation services, that is why Always doubt , whenever someone offers you a transportation service. Serious companies do not need to yell and / or offer their transportation services in public places.

For your safety

For your security, pre-arrange transportation services from the airport to your hotel and make a note of the telephone number or the name of your local operator. Another alternative although a little more expensive is to take the authorized transport services of the airport, these are usually with stand or commercial premises at the airport.
If you know or know of another technique used please send an email to to include it in the listing

Reserve su transfer

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